We focus on developing lengthy and cost-effective relationships based on great performance and open communication. The goal of our team is to maximize every partnership by increasing conversion rates, retention of players and delivering a lifetime player revenue model.

  • Fully Licensed
  • Up to 50%
  • Lifetime Revenue
  • High Conversion Rates
  • Strong Player Retention
  • Professional Account Managers
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Flexible commissions to maximize the profit

Our main focus is having collaborations probitable for all the parties involved, based on mutual trust and respect. Because of that, we are reasonable when it comes to commissions, and we offer our partners a fair share of the profits, that can grow over time. Flexibility is also one of our assets, so reach out to an account manager to find more about what we can offer!

Slots n’Play Advertising Revenue
Increasing Revenue based on brand promoting

*REV Share: NGR = Bets - winnings - jackpot contributions - payment processing fees


Marketing Materials in order to get our partnership started

Are you looking for a solid reason to get together with us? First of all, our main purpose is to grow together! You will definitely catch sight of this as we can provide you with all the materials needed, a life-time revenue commission and a lot of professionalism.

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We will always be here to help

We promise a good and clear communication, and the best quality you can find in the field. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you! You can easily contact our team , which is here to guide you through your experience and to make it unforgettable and unique!

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